Common STD characterized by painless genital sores called Chancres.  Syphilis is divided into four categories, primary, secondary, tertiary and Congenital. Symptoms of primary Syphilis are painless genital sores, enlarged lymph nodes. Symptoms of secondary Syphilis are generalized non-itchy rash, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, sore throat. Tertiary Syphilis can affect the brain, the vessels, and Joints, can cause neurosyphilis, dementia, paralysis, balance/coordination issues.  Congenital Syphilis can present with rash and deafness in newborns, deformed teeth and saddle nose.  Treatment for Syphilis is Penicillin injection or doxycycline. Complications includes but not limited to catching other STD like HIV, stroke, meningitis, blindness.